Proud to be a Certified B Corporation

You already know we’re focused on more than our bottom line – that we not only create great coffee, but we also create value for our local community and our planet. You may not know we’re part of a community of businesses that meet the same high standards we do –  Certified B Corporations.

The nonprofit B Lab that certifies B Corporations is running the first B Corp ad campaign to share with people like you the great things these companies and community are doing. Below is the ad launching the campaign, showing how you can support a better way to do business by making other B Corps like us a part of your home.

So, what’s a B Corp? It’s a certification that goes beyond looking at just our products – it looks at our whole company and the impact we have on our workforce, suppliers, community and the environment. Think of it as a certification for sustainable business like Fair Trade is for coffee or LEED is for green buildings.

You can learn more about the business practices that stand behind our products by checking out our B Corp Impact Report. B Lab publishes these for all Certified B Corporations so that you can learn more about hundreds of companies that meet the same rigorous, independent, and transparent standards of social and environmental performance as we do. By supporting these B Corps, you’re supporting a better way to do business.

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