The World’s First Fairtrade & Organic Doughnuts.

You love us for our coffee and now you can love us for our conscientious tasty treats: the world’s first Fairtrade Certified Organic Doughnuts!

This week we have proudly launched Ethical Bean Doughnuts, showcasing flavours such as Ginger Glaze, Lavender, Cinnamon Sugar and Sweet Espresso Chocolate Glaze. The tiny version, our Mini-e’s, are the perfect one-bite treat. You can even dip Mini-e’s into Doughnut Dips of organic blueberry compote or salted caramel (to name a few). Yum!

Our Fairtrade and Organic Doughnuts are made fresh daily at our Kootenay Street Roastery, using the finest Fairtrade Organic sugar, cocoa, spices and coffee from around the world. All the ingredients are organic, and those that need not come from far and wide, we acquire as locally and sustainably as possible.

Understandably, we have thoroughly enjoyed the tasty research stage of Ethical Bean Doughnuts and have been waiting with baited breath to share these delicious delicacies with you. We hope you love them as much as we do!

You can find our Ethical Bean Doughnuts at our Kootenay Street Roastery Cafe as well as at our Ethical Bean Xpress locations at Commercial and Granville Skytrain Stations. Expect to see Ethical Bean Doughnuts at more storefronts soon!

Dunk, Dip, Enjoy!

2 Responses to The World’s First Fairtrade & Organic Doughnuts.

  1. Elizabeth Gilhuly says:

    Do you make some gluten-free doughnuts? 🙂

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