Coffee, Sleepless Nights&Home Security

Have you ever worked any night-shifts at your job? Are you currently getting ready to go to work at 11 p.m.? What's your secret to not be fully drained one night after the other? Strong coffee? Enough energizers to keep an ox awake? The exhaustion is prone to get to you sooner or later, and it can damage you severely if not handled the right way. If the nature of your job currently forces you to remain awake at night – whether to work from home using the schedules of people in opposite timezones or as a security guard – here is some useful advice to keep you going.

Secure Your Home So You Can Work Without Restrictions At Night

  • Do not keep any valuable items at sight.

  • Do not use doors that feature glass near the doorknob. Secure your dog or cat door.

  • Make is as hard as possible for potential intruders to hide themselves from you and the rest of the members of the household. While they are trying to break into your home. Do not keep any useful tall or thick shrubs around windows and doors.

  • Shut the blinds on your windows in case you have the habit of displaying your expensive statues, paintings, or jewelry sets in boxes at plain sight.

  • Get in touch with a 24/7 Phoenix locksmith and have him check your door and windows locks for any faults, improperly fitted locks, wrongfully cut keys, and specific vulnerabilities that will turn your home into a genuine burglars' haven.

  • Professional locksmiths that handle residential services are trained and experienced to repair, rekey, or install any make and model of a deadbolt lock, including cylinder locks and high security commercial grade locks. They also offer 24/7 round the clock emergency lockout support – just in case you have the habit of going out for coffee at the corner shop at 2 a.m. and leave your keys in. they can pick any lock without causing any damage and rekey it for you so you won't feel anything has happened to it.

  • Install a CCTV system around the house so you can permanently keep an eye on all the rooms around the house, especially if you normally lose yourself in your work for hours in a row. For extra safety, you can have a sensor alarm installed; think about opting for a wireless alarm system that ha no wires intruders will desperately try to cut so you are not alerted about their unauthorized presence into your house. A home locksmith that has been working in the field for a few years should know exactly what sort of a system to recommend so it can perfectly match your needs.

Additional Tips To Stay Safe And Awake

Install good lighting on a timer – motion sensor floodlight is one of the bets options currently available. Once you will notice the motion light being enabled, you will know something is going on around the house. Do not let glue a “protected by X security company” sticker on your front door; burglars will only et all the information they need to disable your security system. Instead, put a generic sticker on your doors or windows.


Get caffeine into your body responsibly. The need to stay awake at unnatural hours of the night will push you to overdose on caffeine, just remember to avoid drinking it toward the end of your night shift as it will prevent you from eventually falling asleep in the morning.

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