The vanguard of the Ethical Bean Café – by Aaron De Lazzer


The crafted beverage that millions of us hanker for.

A liquid salve for a life lived sweeter, more vivid and intense.

Deliverer of clarity, sharpener of wit, capable of blowing away clouds of despair. An impromptu and figurative fire around which two or more will gather to converse.

All this from a humble seed, burnished with flame into something other. An uncanny, complex and aromatic companion. Modern day alchemy at it’s best.

There is nothing else like it, is there?

Some would say it reaches its zenith when presented as espresso.

We concur.

A coffee bean’s highest calling as it is once again transfigured through hot water, pressure and precisely regulated time.

Who then is the keeper, the high priest of this final transformation?

May I humbly introduce Fuji, the vanguard of the Ethical Bean Café.

Prompt like the sunrise.

As accurate and precise as an atomic clock, there is very little wiggle room in his process. He is heads up, always moving, curating his environment, doting upon the coffee. Tasting, checking, re-tasting. Confirming any slight imbalance, beneath the radar of most, and rectifying it.

His movements are fluid, made with the economy and one touch deftness of the best athletes. “He has the hands” as they say in hockey.

The importance of being earnest is not lost on us. In how we take our coffee, in how Fuji takes his craft. Please avail yourselves of his services.

Ask for an introduction to espresso if you never have.

Save the airfare on a trip to Rome with one of his cappuccinos.

Or simply ask for your “usual” and prepare to taste something better than you thought possible.

It’s the taste of care, craftsmanship and passion.

It’s the taste of Ethical Bean Coffee.

Just. Better.

2 Responses to The vanguard of the Ethical Bean Café – by Aaron De Lazzer

  1. Ha, I loved this! “A liquid salve for a life lived sweeter”- awesome! Very well written. 🙂 You literally just made my mouth water with desire for this coffee…


  2. Aaron says:

    Thanks for stopping by and reading Antonia. Glad you enjoyed it.
    Hope you have a chance to come by the cafe and see the magic up close and personal. Fuji is here most days…and of course all our baristas are pretty awesome.

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