The smile on the other end of the phone – by Aaron De Lazzer

Janet Faveri is the Customer Relations and Office Manager at Ethical BeanIntroducing Janet Faveri.

Her official title is “Office Manager/Customer Relations” but that falls far short of the reality. Here at the office she acts as more of the Den Mother, shoulder to cry on, knower of scandalous information with expertise in conjecture – you get the idea. But for those not in the office she is the smile at the other end of the phone. Obviously quite a heavy hitter here on the Ethical Bean team.

In order to peel back a few layers I thought we’d play the favourite road trip game of (almost) 20 questions.

ADL: Now that the Canucks are in the race to go to “the Show” don’t you think they could use your support? Why do you continue to do something as hurtful as wear Canadiens t-shirts when you come to work?

JF: I’m trying- but every game I attend they lose- Game 5 against Chicago (5-0) and Game 2 against Nashville (2-1).  Could you imagine the uproar if I wore my Leafs jersey?

ADL: If, say the world was about to end and there was a Canuck vs. Habitant Stanley Cup final, whom would you cheer for?

JF: The Habs of course.  I am a Leafs fan at heart, but as we ALL know, there is rarely much to cheer for there, so my allegiance defaults to the other storied and impressive original 6 team from Montreal.  This is blasphemous.  I know.  I’m sorry Leaf Nation.

ADL: My sources tell me that you eat at some of the tonier restaurants in town. Any favourites?

JF: I am a BIG fan of Chambar and have had wonderful meals at Market and Les Faux Bourgeois.

ADL: Red or White?

JF: Red.

ADL: What’s the best thing about what you do?

JF: Talking with our customers and consumers – I learn something every day!

ADL: Were you always a social butterfly or have you simply blossomed while here at Ethical Bean?

JF: Always a social butterfly, but I’ve certainly blossomed here at Ethical Bean. I used to work in a law office downtown – it was pretty serious and quiet.  Ethical Bean is energetic, creative and I laugh A LOT.

ADL: Harley Davidson or Sport Bike?

JF: Harley Davidson

ADL: Tell us just a smidge about the fame and fortune you acquired on the international stage in years gone by.

JF: In my more limber days, I was a figure skater and synchronized skater in Burlington, Ontario.  We travelled extensively throughout southern Ontario – ‘Hello Delhi!’ – as well as the rest of Canada, the US and Europe.  I captained many of the teams I skated on and eventually retired and started coaching.  Now my fame and fortune on the international stage is accrued via volunteering in Africa.

ADL: How did growing up in Ontario change you? Choose one:

1.     You took French in school and can actually speak it

2.     You really know what humid is and never complain about summer in Vancouver

3.     You love Vancouver and openly weep every time you land at the airport because you’re aware of the alternatives

4.     You can cope with a single Mosquito in the tent

5.     You kick a$$ at Euchre

JF: Number two! – I really know what humidity is…and never complain!

Thanks Janet!  Thank you Aaron!



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  1. mary says:

    It’s great to have the personalities of the Ethical Bean team. Such a nice profile on Janet.

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