Canuck “Game Day” Doughnuts – by Erin Mussolum

I wasn’t going to write this blog post.  I had all intentions of abandoning it. After weeks of being glued to the television screen the last thing I wanted to think about was hockey.  Like a parasite it had sucked my soul.

Physically, I had ingested way too many fried foods and consumed too many pints of beer, financially the purchase of my Johnny Canuck T-shirt left a rather large dent in my wallet, and emotionally the highs and lows of wins and losses, increasing up to game seven, had done me in. I was wiped.  However nothing could prepare me for the psychological toll that came watching my city burn as thousands of “Canuck fans” lowered their behavior to that of animals, turning our once peaceful and spirited streets into a gory battlefield.

A week ago today I wanted to forget hockey – forget everything about it. For me, however, forgetting is the easy way out. Instead I had to find something that would rise to replace what had happened that horrific night. I dug deep to remember the “good” instead of the “evil”.  I found it – and it was in the shape of a doughnut.ethical bean minnies

Throughout the playoffs whenever the Canucks had a game, our team here at Ethical Bean produced Canuck inspired “Game Day Doughnuts”. These fairtrade, organic spheres of doughy delights were adorned with inspiring and fun messages such as “Kiss me Kesler”, “Go Nucks Go”, “I love the Twins” etc., all piped with the Canuck colours of blue and green.

After brainstorming the development of this special playoff doughnut, Ethical Bean began pumping out these goodies, dropping them to friends, businesses, and the media. We even made over 1000 minnies and delivered them to hungry fans at Rogers Arena. We just wanted to share some doughnut love with those around us.

Collectively we were caught up in the positive Canuck spirit and news spread quickly about our unique offering. Soon we found ourselves filling orders for “dozens of dozens” and some of the office staff even donned baking gear to help out with the rise in orders.

It was a fun, exciting, busy, yet happy time – when the Canucks, win or lose, had some encouragement behind them in the shape of a doughnut.

I have a choice to remember the negative, or I can replace it with the positive memories the playoffs brought.  For me these include the happy faces of our staff and customers, and the acknowledgment of how a humble little doughnut brought us together.


2 Responses to Canuck “Game Day” Doughnuts – by Erin Mussolum

  1. Patricia says:

    ‘Seems the hooligans aren’t educated enough to know and practice ethics.How Pathetic

    Perhaps they need to deliver a few ethical donuts themselves to the businesses and those who suffered physical and property damage,at their hands.
    Maybe something would click in their minds, and they might just ‘get it’.

  2. Kim says:

    They were cute, clever, and oh so delicious! Thank you, ethical bean, for sharing them! Are there any plans for maple glazed Canada Day donuts?

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