Building a children’s village from the ground up – by Amy Yeung in Guatemala

I have been volunteering in Tecpán, Guatemala for almost two months and this week I interviewed my boss, mentor and friend, Heather Knox, Executive Director of Project Somos.  She talks with me about the project as well as Ethical Bean’s involvement with Project Somos.

Click here for the full video interview: Amy Yeung interviews Heather Knox about Project Somos

Don’t miss the latest pictures of the first house being built in the children’s village. We’re already setting the foundation for the second home.

Starting to build the children's village in Guatemala

The beginnings of the Project Somos children's village in Guatemala. An inspiring view.


the first house comes to life and Earth bags are used to build the walls

The walls of the first house are up. White bags full of soil (Earth bags) are layered to create the structure sustainably.


Inside the first house

Inside the first house.


Foundation for second house

Preparing the foundation for the second building.


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