A Family – by Amy Yeung in Guatemala

A Family

The tagline for Project Somos is “A Home, A Family, A Future.”  In this entry I will be focusing on the importance of family.

This week was especially significant for me in Guatemala.  On Tuesday, June 28th, I was honoured to be involved in a memorial service to commemorate Heather Knox’s (Executive Director of Project Somos) mother’s 70th birthday.  Susan Knox passed away earlier this year so it was very meaningful that Heather and Greg were able to spend the day with Heather’s dad, Heather’s brother and Heather’s daughter, as they are all here volunteering for Project Somos.

In preparation for the service, all of us went to the land with our work gloves and shovels to build a fire pit for the ceremony.  As this will also be a permanent area for the Children’s Village, we consulted our foreman, Antolin, who is a Mayan priest.  With his expertise, we built the fire pit in accordance to Mayan tradition, which included the exact size of the fire pit as well as the location of all four flower gardens.

Although the locals working on the land are not related to Heather or Greg, when they found out the importance of the fire pit they were eager to be involved in helping us build it.  As this project has become a very important part of my life, I am also grateful for this opportunity to be part of such a special occasion. During the moments around building the fire pit and the memorial I was reminded of the importance of love and family in my life.

There is a lot of love put into building this Children’s Village.  Because Heather and Greg have been so gracious and loving, they have built unity amongst everyone that is involved in this project whether it be the volunteers, the community or the locals working on the land.  I have now learned that family consists of anyone that we feel is important in your life.  For me, that includes my new Guatemalan family – everyone here in Tecpán.


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  • I am glad that you have an awesome experience in Guatamelan and also I appreciate that you share with us your unforgettable experience. Anyway, I do understand your feeling that moment. Being part of the celebration is really an honor most especially if you are treated with respect and a warm welcome by all the member on that event.


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