Those Blasted Tunes – by Erin Mussolum

I’m so privileged to live and work in beautiful British Columba, and on the long weekend celebrating Canada Day I took off to one of my favorite locations, Deep Cove, a mere 20 minutes outside of the Vancouver. The goal? Some much needed R&R and a little exercise to warm up my circulatory system. See we folks on the West Coast have had a VERY late summer and the notion of wearing shorts, smelling the damp earth and lush forests, listening to the calm serenity of nature, and feeling the sun cascade down between shaded sections was not going to be ignored.

Our destination was a large rocky outcrop, a place to sit and take in the vista. It was beautiful and I was beginning to unwind and take on the persona of a person with a relaxed and rejuvenated face.  Ah peace.

But as we began our descent I was suddenly assaulted by the sound of techno music.  Some “green” hiker had put his boom box in his backpack and was happily charging up the hill to a mish mash of electronic beats resembling peak hour at “da’ club”. His “happy beats” were in stark contract to the “angry steps” of those suffering behind him. Boom Boxes should be outlawed in the forest, period. It is a cathedral of peace, a place of refuge, containing the serenity of silence.

However, I truly like this one!

A boom box inspired picnic box with all compostable utensils and dishes.

Boxsal’s Urban Picnic Box

Created by Boxsal this boom box inspired picnic set and contents is completely compostable. The box comes with a selection of bowls, utensil sets, cups (perfect for iced coffee), recycled napkins, and even includes a compostable trash bag!  How nifty.  It’s these types of ethical designs that I think are cool – even if I don’t buy them I can appreciate them. Someone was thinking.

Personally I wouldn’t carry this boom box while hiking, but I do think it’s super fun and contains everything you’ll need to picnic in true street style.  All you’ll need is some cardboard, an audience and some awesome hip hop or break dancing moves. Now that’s music to my ears.

More information on cool products like Boxsal can be readily found at the really cool website


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