Michelle Sexton: Our force of nature – by Aaron De Lazzer

Sales Rep Michelle SextonIntroducing Michelle Sexton! Ethical Bean has people working outside of the office and Michelle is not only one of them but without a doubt, one of the best reps around. An always moving force of nature, she has paused momentarily to engage our blog readership with a few insightful replies to my questions.

ADL: Michelle, you are quite possibly the friendliest person I know. Quick with the introductions and always ready with a smile. Did you learn this from the book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” or were you born with it?

MS: Ha! Why, thanks Aaron, I’m glad you think so! I have to credit my parents for this I think. They were and still are amazing role models in this and many other departments.

ADL: Most people have a dream car. It frequently remains a poster on their wall. However, you actually own yours. Tell us about your baby.

MS: Well, it started as a dream, with ripped out pages of magazines on my wall at the tender age of ten. My Dad is a big car buff so he was always talking about different makes and models. I took a liking to the Mercedes convertibles of the late 70’s and early 80’s. One day I just decided to start looking at what was out there & three months later, I found my ‘baby’: a 1981 Mercedes 380SL. Love it!

ADL: “The Outsiders” is one of the best books ever and a pretty darn fine movie. All the studs of yesteryear got some screen time. Who was your crush? Two Bit? Pony Boy? Dallas? C’mon fess up we all had a favourite from this good looking crew.

MS: It’s Dallas all the way, baby! Gotta love Matt Dillon in the 80’s!

ADL: Customer service is your middle name. Give us a tip.

MS: Communication, organization, patience & a friendly smile.

ADL: What you do is an ever-changing chessboard of reality. What’s the best part?

MS: I love my job! As you said it, the ‘ever-changing’ aspect keeps me hopping ‘cause I love to stay active.

ADL: Vacation. How did you get so many weeks? No seriously, how did you? It’s like you’re a European citizen. What’s the secret?

MS: Ha! It’s actually an illusion, Aaron – just a little ‘creative planning’ really…oh and some cost saving for the company with unpaid time off! I love to travel and still have so much to see, so I fit in a trip whenever and wherever possible.

ADL: Is living in Kits as good as it looks for those of us standing on the Eastside of Main Street?

MS: I love my ‘hood. Living close to the city, beach and mountains can’t be beat. Having said that, anywhere in Van is the place to be. So watch out, I may end up on your side of the tracks one of these days!

ADL: “My body is a temple” is never more accurately applied than to you. Do you have some suggested care and feeding of a sales rep to maintain the sharp edge while pounding the pavement? Wheatgrass Carob smoothie every day?

MS: Yup, you guessed it! Big power smoothie in the morning after an Earl Grey green tea almond milk latte and a few vitamin supplements gets me ready to take on whatever the streets of the Lower Mainland throw at me!

ADL: To say you are well travelled would be an understatement. Most memorable spot most of us will never go?

MS: Oh boy, I have to pick just one?!!! Fiji comes to mind…loved it there, so remote and naturally friendly people…amazing diving – still dreaming of going back one day!

ADL: Finish this statement. “I’d leave the idyllic confines of Kitsilano for…

MS: Why, LOVE of course!

ADL: You never wear the same outfit twice. Do you:

a) Rep a clothing label?

b) Own a second home for storage?

c) Have a wardrobe that has no back and leads to Mr. Tumnus?

d) Just appear that way to your colour blind co-worker?

MS: I’m going to have to go with “d” Aaron. However, I still knock on the back wall of my closet every once in a while to see if Narnia is ready for me yet… 😉

Thanks for playing Michelle. You’re the best!



4 Responses to Michelle Sexton: Our force of nature – by Aaron De Lazzer

  1. Emily Sproule says:

    Ha. I have always wanted a Narnia closet. Nice work Michelle.

  2. Erin says:

    Ditto for “Dallas”. Nice choice.

  3. Heather says:

    Great interview Aaron! Yay Michelle! You rock! We love you!

  4. Lloyd says:

    I would have thought you were a coffee drinker. What the heck is a Earl Grey green tea almond milk latte anyway? I hope your boss is ok with this, otherwise you might get fired…

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