Little Mountain Coffee – by Emily Sproule

It’s amazing how many great places there are on Main Street in Vancouver and as the old adage says, “there really is always room for one more.” Near where the storefronts end at Main and 33rd you’ll find a welcoming and well needed café for that neck of the woods, the new and fabulous Little Mountain Coffee.

Officially opening last Monday, many locals have already taken Little Mountain on as their own.  It’s easy to do, as Wendy Field, the heart and soul of Little Mountain, has selected every offering with incredible care and detail. Her passion for the environment, local initiatives, quality, and her customers has created a remarkable café – only to be fully understood with a visit and a taste.

Live or travel through Vancouver? Take a detour on your way to or from the office or stop by with your family for a relaxed break in your day. Little Mountain will be there to tempt you with Ethical Bean coffee and our renowned Fairtrade Organic doughnuts.

We’re proud to call Little Mountain our customer and are so inspired by their dedication and unrelenting morals we just had to share.  Stop in and enjoy!


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