It’s to Die For! By Aaron De Lazzer

Erin Ireland's It's to Die For Banana Bread!

Vancouver is a coffee town through and through. It’s always a good time to grab a cup, no reason needed. Sometimes all you need is a coffee without accompaniment (good looking company exempted). But like so many things in life, together is better and a little sweet something or other to go along side your cuppa joe can be really, really nice. Besides, you’re worth it.

Now in Vancouver, we’re Canadian obviously and ergo we’re doughnut people for sure, but my sense of things is that the people’s choice is really banana bread. In Toronto they’re muffin people, here we’re banana bread people.

What is it about banana bread that makes it so darn popular? Is it that we, in our fleece and gore-tex wearing practicality embrace the unfussy, easy to eat, easy to share nature of this sweet treat? Or is it that when you snag the mac daddy middle slice from the loaf (that’s like two slices in one) you feel like you’re winning in life? Perhaps all of those things.

I like my banana bread and for a guy that eats the same thing for breakfast everyday of the year, change is not something I welcome or embrace. It was with some reluctance I was recently introduced to a new (and not so subtly suggested better) banana bread.

Born of humble beginnings this banana bread is the creative genius of local celeb, foodie and around town kinda gal Erin Ireland or @erin_ireland on Twitter. Loaves were initially whipped up on a lark as something to give as gifts. Generally, home baked goodies given as gifts are unremarkable. “Thank-you, that was nice, we enjoyed the _________ very much. “ In Erin’s case however the feedback was hardly just politesse. It was unsolicited and gushing from some pretty heavy hitting chefs and the like in the upper most echelons of the food kingdom. Hmmm?

Now we all know that the best cup of coffee is the one that is made for you, but does that apply to banana bread too? Surely there must be more to it?

Oh there is. This stuff is heretofore to be known as “To Die For” Banana bread. It is a superb marriage of sweet, salty and spice. Chunks of macadamia nut and Belgian chocolate bring texture to an unctuously moist loaf. Elegant, sophisticated yet still approachable enough to enjoy everyday.

Come get some at the Ethical Bean Café.

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