Fiefdom of the warehouse – by Aaron De Lazzer

Introducing Claire Struss!

Being the Director of Coffee I (Aaron), am partial to suggesting that the “Lab” where most of the coffee related fussing and fine-tuning and heavy lifting takes place is where the “magic happens.” However the real magic, as we all know, happens in production in general and shipping in particular.

Followers of Seth Godin will know the battle cry of “What have you shipped?!” It’s all that really matters. Thanks to Claire a freakin’ lot!

ADL: Claire you are a woman of contrasts. At times holding court in the lunchroom of others, say precisely between the (cough, cough) hours of 7:30-3:30 beetling away in your fiefdom of the warehouse. What makes you tick?

CS: I’m working for the weekend! Seriously, I like shipping and receiving. It’s busy, a little challenging at times, and the time goes by fast.

ADL: Are you really as organized as you look or are you just faking it till you make it?

CS: Totally faking it! I’m organized at work because I have to be. My job is quite detailed and there are many deadlines to meet. At home…that’s another story.

ADL: At the risk of over-statement, crosswords are your religion. What up?

CS: I enjoy crosswords and they also help keep your mind sharp. Use it or lose it! I’m super satisfied if I can complete a New York Times crossword.

ADL: The care and feeding of a shipper…what do you suggest?

CS: Thai, Szechuan, Indian, Japanese, Halian. I love variety – it’s the spice of life.

ADL: What drives you crazy?

CS: People who only think of themselves.

ADL: You drink a macchiato every morning. What does this say about you and all the attractive, intelligent, creative people who make the macchiato their drink of choice?

CS: Aaron, I think you summed that up perfectly, no need to add to it!

ADL: Best vacation ever?

CS: Camping in the Okanagan.  As long as I’m with my husband it doesn’t matter where we go.

ADL: Which coffee do you take home on the weekend and why?

CS: I like to mix is up and take something different each week. I think all of our coffees are winners so you can’t make a mistake.

ADL: Your hubby has a hot ride – please tell us about it. More importantly is that why you married him?

CS: It’s a 1969 Ford Fairlane Fastback in black. She’s a sweet ride! The car isn’t why I married him. We were together long before he bought and restored the car.

ADL: Rumour has it that you have an amazing house, are a phenomenal cook and have a backyard that screams “party!” Is this the year that we have the staff party at your place?

CS: I don’t think I’m a phenomenal cook but I do love it. The house and yard are a work in progress. We just got a new roof so maybe next year we’ll have a new patio and perhaps a BBQ!

ADL: Thanks Claire, you rock!


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