Our Cups Are Ugly – by Erin Mussolum

We have ugly cups right now. We admit it.

When we found out that our navy Ethical Bean branded coffee cups were delayed in production we were offered a choice of solutions: crisp white cups that we could put our rainbow sleeves on and still make an Ethical Bean statement, or muted floral cups typical of what you would find in most hospital waiting rooms.

As a company that prides itself on a distinct brand we were pretty charred about the production delay and thought the classic white cup option would be the best of the band-aid solutions until our shipment arrived. Looking at the positive we thought maybe the white colour would even pose a nice change – a refresh so to speak.  We envisioned the possibilities. But upon further investigation we found out that the white cups were not compostable and we always use compostable cups. As a company we had a decision to make, go for what looks great and clearly spotlights our brand, or do the right thing…

At Ethical Bean we try to live out our tagline daily of just. better. so using cups that are non-compostable was just not something we were going to do. While it hurts our design hearts we settled on using the ugly compostable cups.

So for the next few weeks wherever Ethical Bean Coffee is served you’ll see our beautiful rainbow sleeves trying their hardest to cover up the ugly underneath.

And we’re slowly becoming proud of the ugly. For our company it’s a tangible reminder that we chose a just. better. option – and we feel pretty darn good about it, all ugliness aside.

One Response to Our Cups Are Ugly – by Erin Mussolum

  1. Eva says:

    I like the sleeve, I am sure the cup is nice too…I don’t like plain white.

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