Delectable Autumn Doughnut – by Aaron De Lazzer

Well, I hate to say it but the de rigueur back to school excitement of a brand new set of Laurentian Pencil Crayons and a couple pairs of new jeans, is over.

What a ride.

Thankfully life is back to a routine existence but of course time continues to fly and before we can get to Christmas we grab onto the sugar high of Halloween. Ok, so just some do. Typically children under twelve that will be dressing up and filling a pillowcase with various forms of white sugar in a week’s time.

But what about those caught in the middle? Those who are neither a child themselves nor with children close by from whom to siphon off some of the spoils.

May we present the always sweet, often seasonal, doughnut of the moment: The Ethical Bean Pumpkin Spice.

Pre-pumpkin patch, post-pumpkin patch-it doesn’t really matter but to keep your strength up in this crisp, sunny weather it’s hard to beat a bombastic cup of Ethical Bean coffee and one of these.

Is it everything you’d expect? Yes.

Is it more? Also yes.

Sure you’ve got your deep pumpkin deliciousness in the one-two punch of the cake doughnut and the glaze. And you’ve got your spice, lending its aromatic hand. But the spice isn’t just window dressing on this baby. It’s got some teeth to it from a little black pepper hiding among the allspice and cinnamon. The black pepper qualifies as one of those things that make you go “Hmmm” and leaves the loveliest echo of heat on your palate.

Hmmm indeed.

Available now at the Ethical Bean Café, Little Mountain Coffee Co and Ethical Bean Xpress (EBX).

2 Responses to Delectable Autumn Doughnut – by Aaron De Lazzer

  1. Richard says:

    Looks good! I want to taste those doughnuts!

  2. Ursula says:

    Yummy, I’m hungry now, ever since when I was a child I always eat doughnut with matching coffee,it’s my all time favorite.

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