Bike to Work Week – by Emily Sproule

I’m certainly not the only cyclist at Ethical Bean Coffee but I can brag that I cycle the most frequently. My favourite cycling apparel includes a skirt and high heels. No joke.

I admit, dress up fun is not a year round phenomenon. I bike rain or shine. But, I love those summer days when I can feel the sun warm my face and my skirt flow in the breeze; it’s just me and my old-school re-furbed three-speed cruiser making our way home.  On fall days I bundle up with a scarf and boots. I can’t help but love the smell of the fallen leaves as they crunch under my tires.  The crisp air adds a natural blush to my cheeks and I arrive at work on a Monday happy. Who’s with me?

Bike to Work Week happens twice a year here in Vancouver (May and November), organized by the ever-mighty VACC. Ethical Bean has been a proud supporter since it began in 2007.  The kinder of the two Bike to Work Weeks rolls us toward summer, celebrating cyclists with sunny days and warm breezes topped off by a cup of hot Ethical Bean coffee to keep commuter’s caffeinated.

November Bike to Work Week is different.  In November, I lose the high heels, throw on the rain pants and zip my rain jacket right up to my chin. We see fewer cyclists on those dark November mornings but I can tell you I feel the love from my fellow commuters all the more when they pull up to a station and find out they can warm up their cold and often sopping hands on a hot cup of Fairtrade Certified Organic coffee.

The upcoming Fall Bike to Work Weeks runs October 31 to November 6. Whether you have a team registered for Bike to Work Week, or not, don’t fear, everyone is welcome.  Make a point of riding by a celebration station on your route to and from the office. You can even become a VACC member and receive discounts around the city.  Whether you are cycling in high heels or cycling in clip-in’s, we know you’re hardcore and we are proud to support you.

Kudos to everyone who makes it out next week.  We tip our helmets to you.

2 Responses to Bike to Work Week – by Emily Sproule

  1. Gin Nielsen says:

    There’s no better place to cycle your lovely selves to. I love to ride over to Ethical Bean and enjoy some Rocket Fuel to help me get up the hill on 1st Ave!!

  2. Nelly Moser says:

    Wow powerful café, you went up that hill at such a high pace. May I suggest you enter the exciting Grand Fondo race next September ?

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