$6500 Raised for ASOBAGRI Disaster Relief Efforts – by Emily Sproule

I am happy to announce that $6500 was raised on November the 8th for Guatemalan coffee co-operative ASOBAGRI.

In the early hours of September 21st heavy rains caused a mudslide in the northern Guatemalan town of Santa Cruz Barillas, burying four homes and destroying the ASOBAGRI offices and warehouse. Fifteen villagers were found dead and eight ASOBAGRI co-op members were among those deceased.

On November 8th, we had the fantastic opportunity to partner with JJ Bean, as well as other independent cafes and grocery stores to raise money and awareness for ASOBAGRI disaster relief. Partial proceeds of coffee sales and donations of staff tips contributed to the $6500 raised. The independent cafes joining us in our efforts included Blue Moose, Little Mountain, Caffe Motivo, and Laughing Bean. Grocery stores Choices, Famous Foods, Stongs and East End Food Co-op contributed $1 (or more!) from each bag of Ethical Bean Coffee sold.

Even with the fundraising efforts of November 8th, and additional contributions of others, ASOBAGRI continues to have a steep hill to climb. Total costs for the co-op to rebuild are estimated at $700,000. After their insurance coverage ASOBAGRI will require $500,000 to purchase new land, reestablish buildings and reinvest in equipment. I am hopeful that with the generosity of donors and the ingenuity of this incredible coffee co-op we will have ASOBAGRI’s coffee tumbling around in our roaster soon after their next harvest.

To help ASOBAGRI rebuild, donations can be made to the ASOBARI Relief Fund here.

One Response to $6500 Raised for ASOBAGRI Disaster Relief Efforts – by Emily Sproule

  1. Jem says:

    That’s bad news yet good news, bad because of many families where affected, good because there are still good people who are willing to help them.

    Jem from matelas latex naturel 

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