Giving Back to Kids With December Coffee Sales – by Emily Sproule


The sounds and sights of the holiday season are upon us once again.  I know I’m not alone when I say that it comes earlier and earlier every year.

We have a special place in our hearts for yuletide tradition at Ethical Bean and it’s not just the eggnog lattes or the holiday doughnuts. Every year we contribute partial proceeds from our December coffee sales to helping kids in Guatemala. This means you too are giving back each time you buy your bag of Ethical Bean Coffee this season.

If we look way back to the early days of Ethical Bean, December 2003 was an exciting time. It was then that we sponsored the education of the first seven children through Child-Aid’s Fund-it program.  Over recent years we have sponsored 100 children annually through the same program. The scholarship includes tuition, basic health care, healthy meals and school supplies. Find out more about Child-Aid’s Fund-It program here.

Over the last three years we expanded our December contribution to another organization close to our hearts. Project Somos is building a Children’s Village in Guatemala and we are proud to support them in their efforts.  Ethical Bean is closely linked to Project Somos as Lloyd Bernhardt, CEO of Ethical Bean, sits on the Board of Directors and one of our Barista’s, Amy Yeung, spent months down in Guatemala volunteering with the program. Much to our delight, she has continued to work with the project since her return to Vancouver.

Project Somos has made incredible progress this year, acquiring the land in Guatemala and building the first houses with earthbag and eco-brick construction.  Occupying the houses, local Guatemalan mothers will soon become the parent of up to seven orphaned and abandoned children. To find out more and learn about their progress, please visit the Project Somos website here.

Guatemala has provided Ethical Bean with beautiful Fairtrade certified Organic coffee, amazing travel experiences, and fabulous connections.  We are excited to continue to give back to a country that has welcomed us with open arms.

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