With Holiday Cheers ASOBAGRI Begins to Rebuild – by Emily Sproule

ASOBAGRI New Building Construction for Offices

In the season of giving, the team at Ethical Bean received a fantastic present. We got word that the Guatemalan ASOBAGRI Coffee Co-op has begun to rebuild after a terrible landslide in September claimed their offices, warehouses and even more tragically, lives of people in their community.

As their previous land was deemed uninhabitable after the landslide, ASOBAGRI has been forced to move. Their new land, which was purchased with money received from their insurance settlement, came with an unfinished building.  With $100,000 in donations they have started to remodel, finish and stock the new building to turn it into their offices.  The progress is so fast that they plan to move in by mid-January!

$100,000 of donations – now that is a pretty fantastic sum for just a few months of fundraising.  We know from our fundraising efforts around B.C. that many coffee companies joined forces to donate to ASOBAGRI.  The call was made for help and the industry answered with enthusiasm. Tip drives were run, partial proceeds of coffee sales were set aside and individuals joined in to help.  Lloyd and Kim’s daughter Amelia even sold doughnuts to fundraise for the cause at her elementary school in Robert’s Creek!

After the renovations of the offices, the remaining sum from the donations will go toward re-building their warehouse. ASOBAGRI is currently renting a warehouse off-site to store their coffee and will continue to do so until they can build their new warehouse. They estimate it will be finished sometime in 2013 or 2014.

In our recent communication with Baltazar Francisco Miguel, the General Manager of ASOBAGRI, he has asked us to express his gratitude and appreciation for the monies raised to help his co-op.

Holiday cheers for everyone who took the time to raise money and donate!! We are confident that despite the tragedy of 2011 ASOBAGRI will overcome this incredible obstacle and continue to flourish. We can’t wait to for our first taste of the 2012 crop.

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