Let the Fairtrade Frenzy begin!

Whether you’ve been a participant in the past or this it your first time hearing the words, look out Canada – it’s Day 1 of the Fairtrade Fortnight!

Just what, you might ask, is the Fairtrade Fortnight?

Running from May 1 to May 15, the Fairtrade Fortnight is a movement to get people talking about Fairtrade in their homes, offices, and communities and helping to spread the word about Fairtrade in Canada. It’s a pretty cool system, actually, and one that’s been growing in Canada and internationally for many, many years.

Coordinated by Fairtrade International, the Fairtrade certification system works with small farmers and supply chain stakeholders to develop fair prices, environmentally safe working conditions, and create capacity to improve local infrastructure in producing countries. The Fairtrade system ensures that when products with the Fairtrade logo are purchased in Canada, the producing partners – potentially on the other side of the world – are benefitting from a fair price, premium, and a host of other benefits. Learn more from us or from Fairtrade Canada.

As a business that has been 100% Fairtrade Certified and Organic since day one, we’re thrilled to be a part of this campaign and pumped to help spread the word.

Join us!

Check out the actions YOU can take to be a part of the movement!

Take a step

Drinking Fairtrade coffee, trying a new Fairtrade product, or helping to spread the word online? Register your step for a chance to win an Ethical Bean 3-pack and a host of other awesome prizes. The first step is yours, but all together the movement is growing!

Vote for Ethical Bean as Canada’s Favourite Fairtrade Product!

You’ve already voted with your dollar in support of Fairtrade and Ethical Bean, now we’re asking you to vote with your MOUSE! Since we’re 100% Fairtrade, we’ve entered our entire collection of coffees into the contest. Click here, cast your vote, and help spread the good brew!

Stay tuned!

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Let the Fairtrade Frenzy begin!

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