Five new ways to enjoy Ethical Bean

We wouldn’t want you to be the last to know. So just in case you haven’t seen them yet, we wanted to let you in on the buzz.

There’s a new “e” popping up on supermarket shelves. The bag looks a little different; a little brighter; a bit more compact. Maybe even a little bit squishier.

Yup, you guessed it. Ethical Bean is proud to unveil five new ways to enjoy Rocket Fuel, Bold, Lush, Classic, and Decaf – all five roasts are now available ground.

We hope that you enjoy the slick new packaging as much as we do. We’ve inverted our colours, shrunk the bag to 227grams to keep your coffee fresh, and are posting the roasted on date on the QR Code of each bag to help you keep tabs on your coffee.

Whole bean lovers, not to fear! Our five new ground offerings are in addition to our classic line-up of eight great whole bean roasts. Our shiny silver whole bean bags will continue to be available to the grind-and-whir folks that we know and love.

So, if you see a new “e” on the shelves, now you know exactly what’s up. Spread the word, and enjoy.

The same great taste you’ve come to expect from Ethical Bean, now in a more convenient package. Keep your eyes peeled!


Buy a mix’n’match 3-pack online here!

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