Out with the old, and in with 2013!

Well, if isn’t 2013 already!

As tends to happen in the weeks around the beginning of January, we here at Ethical Bean have found ourselves reflecting on the year past and casting our gaze forward to the year to come.

2012 was awesome, thanks to all amazing partners we have. Before it gets toooo deep into 2013, we want to wish a Happy New Year and give a big kudos to the retailers, community event organizers, fundraising groups, and social media followers who were a part of our 2012! We have to say there have been some great accomplishments and memories made in the last 12 months:

We want to thank you all for joining us in our adventures, and being a part of the team which extends far beyond our office and roasting walls.

It is consistently amazing the amount of work that goes into a cup of coffee. Fairtrade and Organic certified coffee cooperatives from Mexico to Ethiopia provide some of the best coffees we can find. From there, our coffee team is slurping, grading, and roasting to make sure that we’re proud of every bag that goes out the door. Finally, we’re lucky to have awesome customers, whose feedback and love make working at Ethical Bean a truly sweet gig. We read everything you send us and answer every call, so don’t hesitate to send any questions, thoughts, or suggestions our way!

The only thing better than being excited with the year past has to be looking forward the next one; and we have a lot to look forward to in 2013. We’re seeing beautiful new coffees that will be delighting your tastebuds in the coming months, and we’re working on new and creative ways to reduce our impact and footprint by collaboarating with some cool community partners. Of course we would be remiss not to mention that 2013 is particularly special year for us, as we hit our 10 year mark in June!

In the spirit of tradition, we’ve compiled a selection of five top blogs from 2012 for those of you looking for a tinge of nostalgia. Our blog is a space to keep you up-to-date on all things Ethical Bean, provide some resources for your coffee journey, and communicate to you what’s on our minds. Pour yourself a fresh cup, reflect on the year past, and join us moving forward into 2013!


The Glaring myths of coffee

Once you’ve worked with a coffee roaster for a little while, you begin to notice some key questions coming up again and again. Do dark roasts or medium roasts have more caffeine? Is acidity good or bad? Is it preferable to store coffee in your fridge or freezer? We took on these questions and more back in February.

Calling for a moratorium on the Americano

Americano fans, be warned. Our Director of Coffee Aaron De Lazzer makes an impassioned plea to turn and run at the sight of a heavily watered espresso. What do you think?

Why not single serve coffees, here’s why

Another question we’re frequently asked is why we aren’t distributing single-serve coffee pods. Well, here’s why!

The end of a seriously delicious era

It took us months to get over our daily sugar cravings in the office, and we sure do miss the seasonal delights that would come from our Fairtrade and Organic doughnut bake shop. We suppose what they say about all good things may have an air of truth…

Five new ways to enjoy Ethical Bean

You asked, and we delivered. Your winter chalet trip or early morning wake-up no longer requires a grinder, as your quest for convenience can now be purchased – ground – at a supermarket near you. Look for it on shelves now!

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