Fundraising with coffee really works!

Fundraising. We have all participated in one way or another. You have bought something in support or you have sold something in effort.

I was a figure skater growing up. So first off, big hugs and kisses to my parents who supported and paid for my 20 years on the ice. I have never asked how much they put out; my Dad would have a coronary if he learned of all the extras my Mom was paying on the side. I do know it was a lot of money (and time) and I’d rather play the grateful, appreciative, daughter card and not even ask for a guess. What if they–finally–ask me to pay them back?

My fellow skaters and I did try to contribute to the expenses by fundraising. I’ve sold everything from Christmas wrapping paper, to rubber ducks, to saran wrap (a big shout out to my Auntie Rosie still pulling from that ginormous box I sold her 15 years ago!).

Fundraising is becoming more frequent and necessary than ever, and the good news is that Ethical Bean Coffee runs a coffee fundraising program. I’m telling you right now, the family members I sweetly smiled at and who caved to buy boxes of stale, chocolate covered almonds from me, would have killed to be buying bags of coffee.

And not just any coffee- Fair Trade, Organic Certified coffee! Roasted in Canada by a small, family owned company! Eight whole bean roasts! Five ground roasts! The heavenly beams of light are shining down!

Recently, we received the two largest fundraising orders ever and I want to toot their horns because raising this amount of cash is amazeballs.

The Port Coquitlam FC Castilian Junior Girls Soccer Team raised over $1400!  They sold 223 bags of coffee between the 13 girls on the team. A pretty amazing accomplishment since they probably are not drinking any of that coffee–it’s an under 10 team. The team spent the money on new jerseys, track suits and a tournament in Bellingham. Way to go, girls!!

St. George’s School in Vancouver raised over $3000 to support Project Somos!  Project Somos is establishing a village for abandoned and orphaned children in Guatemala and St. George’s is sending a group of students down to help as they did last year. This is the second year they’ve run this fundraiser – they’ve almost doubled their total from last year.

If you are involved in something that could use some extra funds, give me a call or send me an email hidden; JavaScript is required and we’ll get you set up and selling coffee in no time.

Schools, sports teams, charities, music groups, drama clubs, day cares and others, have all run fundraisers selling Ethical Bean Coffee. Some groups run it monthly and submit substantial orders because, well, good coffee goes quick! You make a pot daily, maybe go through a bag every week or so. Ethical Bean Coffee might just be the best fundraising product out there!

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  • Sam Heiydt

    I ran an Ethical Bean fundraiser at our elementary school just before Christmas. It was easy to organize and very sucessful.

    For parents who drink coffee it was an easy sell. For those who aren’t coffee drinkers we encouraged them to purchase as holiday gifts for family, friends, teachers etc.

    Ethical Bean supplied us with everything we needed. They shipped our order very quickly too.

    The school is hoping to make it an annual event.

    Thank you ,

    Sam H.

  • Sandy Scott

    Hi Janet
    I am thinking this might be pretty good for our athletes and for people on the board!
    We need to replace our uniforms this year and since MOST people drink coffee, this may be a pretty good fit!
    thanks, Sandy Scott

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