Finding Fair Trade Ingredients Locally


We all know about fair trade coffee, tea and chocolate, but did you know there is a wealth of other fair trade organic food products out there for you?

We posted a few delicious fair trade organic recipes last month and it occurred to us that some of the lesser known FTO ingredients aren’t always easy to find. Sugar, vanilla, molasses, quinoa, bananas, rice, peppercorns, coconut milk and a myriad spices are all available in fair trade options.

We’ve put together a small list of places to buy them, some ideas on how to find them in your neighbourhood, and things to do to encourage your local retailers to carry more fair trade products.

Fairtrade Vancouver has a handy FTO products chart you can download to keep track of where to buy in Vancouver. If you’re not in Vancouver, you can always shop online with the following companies. or for the US – spud carries fresh fair trade Ginger amongst its many other FTO products. The second best thing? They deliver right to your door!

Arayuma – they carry FTO coconut milk, and various spices. They have a store locator on their site so you can find a retailer close to you.

Fair Seas Spices – they carry just about every spice you’ll ever need and they’re easy to purchase online if you can’t find them in your local grocers. They also have some great fair trade recipes on their site too!

Frontier – they have a great variety of fair trade products and they carry a number of fair trade ingredients cake mixes in case you don’t want to do it all from scratch.

While it’s great to find your fair trade ingredients online, it’s a whole lot easier to just pick them up from your local grocery store. Become a voice for fair trade and seek out your local grocery store manager – ask them about the fair trade products they have in stock and put in a special request that they carry a specific item. The more our retailers are asked about fair trade, the more we’ll see on our shelves.

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