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Sometimes the stars align perfectly and good things can happen. As Fairtrade Canada’s Karma Campaign rolls out, we discovered an exciting new kickstarter project, Connected By Coffee, that needs crowd-sourced micro-funding from coffee lovers like you.

Connected By Coffee, created by husband-and-wife team Aaron and Chelsea Dennis, will be a full-length feature documentary around the coffee industry, exploring the lives of coffee farmers and the progress and challenges of Fair Trade coffee at every step along its path to your cup.

Coffee is a multi-million dollar industry, with approx. 1.4 billion cups of coffee consumed per day. Every bean has to be hand-picked and meticulously processed in order to fill that need, yet the vast majority of farmers continue to struggle to make ends meet and get ahead. How can Fair Trade do a better job to improve lives? Can a label on a product ensure justice? What is the future of Fairtrade? Connected By Coffee explores all these questions.

As a 100% Fairtrade organization, we are constantly looking at Fairtrade and its impact on farmers’ lives and understanding amongst customers. It has come a long way in 20 years, with more producers, cooperatives, and buyers involved in the system than ever before. In many cases, Fairtrade coffee sales have contributed to the fight for social justice and decent working conditions. Despite its many successes, there is still a lot of room for improvement in fair trade. Projects like Connected By Coffee can offer unique insights into some of the toughest challenges in Fairtrade, and we would love your help to spread the word to help move the project closer towards production!

With nine days left to contribute to the project, we urge you to take a look and help fund it – even $5 can help make this project happen. Coincidently, their final days on Kickstarter coincide with the first half of the Fairtrade Fortnight, a two-week celebration of all things Fair Trade celebrated all over the world. Look for more about Fairtrade in the coming weeks!

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