Give a little. Get a little. Fairtrade Karma.


We take Fairtrade Karma seriously. Your purchase of Fairtrade coffee makes a difference in the lives of farmers and their communities in coffee growing countries, and we want those positive ripples to continue right back to you.

That’s why we’ve create a Karma 5 Pack available on our Canadian and US online stores. The Karma 5 Pack will be available online until May 15th, so get yours soon!

When you buy the Karma 5 Pack of Ethical Bean coffee, we’ll send you an extra bag of coffee to give to a friend, relative, or stranger so you can spread the word about fairtrade and get yourself some Fairtrade Karma!

Cash in on your karmic goodness by letting us know on our facebook page who you gave your extra bag of coffee to and we’ll send you a coupon code for a 10% discount on your next online purchase.

How’s that for good karma?

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