Coffee And The Risk Of Cancer

In the past, there were a lot of rumors and horror stories claiming drinking coffee on a regular basis could be the cause for many health problems. Heart disease and even cancer were some of the claims on top of the list. However, more recent and accurate studies comes to show that coffee consumption can in fact have positive effects n one’s state of health. One of the most important study conclusions was the fact that coffee can decrease general mortality and the risk of cardiovascular problems. However, close attention needs to be paid to the large amounts of coffee young adults tend to consume.


Analyzing Additional High-Risk Factors


Past studies who found coffee to be extremely harmful for the human body failed to take into account smoking and the lack of physical activity as additional risk factors. More recent and elaborate studies show that drinking coffee and having healthy eating and exercising habits can lower the risk of type 2 diabetes Parkinson disease, liver cancer and other liver diseases, and depression. Coffee can also boost one’s cognitive functions. There are cases when certain genetic mutations can cause a slowing down of the breaking down of the regular input of coffee, causing health issues.


More Studies, More Conclusions


There are various studies claiming moderate coffee drinking does not increase the risk of stomach, oesophageal, prostate, pancreatic, ovarian, breast, kidney, or skin cancer. On the contrary, additional results suggest coffee could reduce the risk of oral cavity, brain, liver, colon, rectum, or cancers. For more similar study conclusions we recommend you access international medical journals online. And because the internet is such a wonderfully versatile place, take advantage and visit the site while having your favorite flavored cup of coffee for a chance to join a team of expert marketers online.



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