Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Clubs

fundraising idea with coffee

There’s no better way to fundraise for your school, club or sports team than with fresh, locally roasted, fairtrade certified organic coffee. Selling our coffee means you are not only helping your organization – by earning them over $5 per bag – you’re also helping our environment and providing a living wage to coffee farmers across the globe.

It’s so simple. Here’s how to do it:

1. Use your Fundraising Form to collect orders and take payment. It’s a good idea to have a copy of Our Offerings sheet so customers can learn more about each roast.

2. Once you’ve collected your orders, give them to your Team Leader to tally up. The Team Leader will then fill out the Team Leader Order Form and fill out credit card information for prompt shipment.

3. The Team Leader will send the order to Ethical Bean by fax: 604-431-3834 or by email at

4. Your coffee order will arrive at the location of your choice in 3 business days! Freshly roasted and ready to be enjoyed!

If you want to start fundraising with us, and would like our fundraising kit, email Janet at and she’ll help you on your way!

2 Responses to Fundraising Ideas for Schools and Clubs

  1. kevin says:

    I have some questions about your fundraising program:
    1: what do the bags sell for and what size are they?
    2: is this available in Manitoba?


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