New features in our free Ethical Bean Coffee iPhone app

We’re proud to launch the latest update to our Ethical Bean Coffee iPhone app. Our revolutionary iPhone app brings you finger-tip access to an astonishing amount of information about the bag of Ethical Bean coffee you’re holding in your hand, right from the grocery aisle.

We’ve added some great new features to our app to make the user experience even more engaging. Along with being able to find out where and who grew your coffee beans, you can save your favourites and find out where you can buy Ethical Bean Coffee locally.

  • fun, new, easy-to-use interface.
  • watch video interviews with farmers.
  • see exactly where your coffee comes from with maps, coop information and photographs.
  • see all third-party certification documents so you know all our coffee is 100% fairtrade certified and organic.
  • watch our Director of Coffee talk about each of the coffees in our lineup and how they cupped and scored based on the Cup of Excellence scoring standard.
  • See roast profiles, when your coffee was roasted and who roasted it.
  • find retail locations near you that sell Ethical Bean Coffee.
  • keep track of your favourite coffees.

No iPhone? No problem. You can use any generic QR code reader on your mobile device to scan the QR code on our bags. Or go to our website and type in the lot number. You’ll get all the same information, just without some of the additional features.

We’re as serious about transparency and traceability as we are about making great coffee. Download our free coffee iPhone app.

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