Warming Hearts & Hands In San Francisco

Bay Area Rescue Mission Coffee


The crew at Ethical Bean just got back from a trip to San Francisco to try out a shiny new roaster. There are intricacies to roasting on different roasters, so naturally we brought a skid of green coffee with us to take the roaster through its paces.

We spent the day roasting, refining, and sampling our results, and brought home our precious samples to be scrutinized on the cupping table over the next few days. We were at a loss, however, for what to do with the remaining coffee we’d roasted.

All 1,500 lbs of it.

We decided the best thing to do would be to donate it to a really worthy cause, and because of our relationship with Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver, and the great things they do, we decided to find a sister-organization in San Francisco. That turned out to be The Bay Area Rescue Mission.


The Bay Area Rescue Mission provides meals, emergency shelter, and recovery programs as well as many other valuable resources to men, women and children in need. This time of year is particularly hard on the homeless and needy. Last year they provided 85,000 nights of shelter, and 1,450,000 meals.

We hope our coffee can provide some warmth and cheer to those at the Bay Area Rescue Mission.

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