Ethical Bean is a Re-certified B Corporation!

In 2010, Ethical Bean Coffee became one of Canada’s first B Corporations. We worked with B Lab to open our doors and books for their auditing team to demonstrate just how our business goes above and beyond for people and the planet, in addition to profits. We were thrilled to join a community of businesses committed to doing better business then, and now we’re happy to announce our re-certification!

In order to complete our audit, we worked with the B Lab auditors to submit information and supporting documentation in four major areas:

  • Governance – do we operate in an accountable and transparent fashion?
  • Workers – how does EB contribute to employees’ health and happiness in and outside of work?
  • Community – are we a strengthening partner in our community who gives back?
  • Environment – how to we work to reduce our environmental footprint in all of our operations?

During the auditing process we were happy get super positive feedback about our environmental footprint practices and community involvement, and some helpful pointers about how we can strengthen and improve these programs as we grow. The folks at B Corp are sharp, and are regularly evolving their Impact Assessment to reflect advances in social and environmental responsibility and push businesses to be even better. All in all, we were very happy to see that we scored in the upper tier of B Corporations in every category.

You can view our B Corporation profile online here , and take a closer look at our 2013 B Impact Report and score breakdown.

We’re proud to be a Certified B Corporation. The auditing process keeps us informed of changes happening in our industry, and the community it provides builds bridges that direct to partners who reflect our vision of business.

We’re looking forward to the year to come, and how we can continue working towards The Change We Seek as a B Corp:

To help create a just and better planet for all of it’s inhabitants. That means being conscious of all our business activities and choosing carefully how we source the best fair trade certified and organic coffee, roast it and transport it to our customers while preserving quality, the environment and respect.

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  • Hi ,I’m planning to open up a small spudnuts downtown Nd I need some good coffee to match the you provide coffee machines if I use your products. And training?

    • Hi Gigi,
      Please contact Marianne at email hidden; JavaScript is required and she’ll be able to answer any questions about setting up and using our coffee in your establishment.

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