Costco Makes You an Offer You Can’t Refuse

Ethical Bean Coffee on Sale at Costco

Every now and then, a great deal comes along that you just can’t pass up. We think this is one of those deals. Costco is selling our 2 lb bags of fairtrade certified organic whole bean coffee for only $12.58 until March 23rd.

Costco carries our 2lb bags of lush (a rich, medium dark roast) and bold (a seductively smooth dark roast) whole bean coffees. So if you’re a fan of either of those coffees, or you have a hankering to try something new, this is your opportunity!

Unfortunately, not all Costco locations carry our coffee, so you’ll only find this deal in BC and Alberta Costco stores. However, if you’d like your local Costco to start selling Ethical Bean Coffee, you can request it from the store manager.


2 Responses to Costco Makes You an Offer You Can’t Refuse

  1. Lionel says:

    Hello, I’ve been shopping at Costco for many years now all over the province of Alberta. Ethical Bean coffee has quickly become my favourite, and I would love if the Grande Prairie location would carry it,

    Thank you

    • Aqilla Aziz says:

      Hi Lionel, so glad you enjoy our coffee! The most effective way of bringing our product to your local Costco is just to keep asking for it to be listed there when you go in to do your shopping. The more requests, the more likely they are to bring in our product for a test at their location, then hopefully it will fly off the shelves and become a permanent product 🙂

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