Our New Roaster Has Arrived!

It is with button-bursting pride this week that we celebrate a new addition to the Ethical Bean family: a 70 kilo Loring Peregrine Smart Roaster! Not only is our new roaster beautiful, but it’s smart – a smart air roaster to be exact – which reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. That’s a huge step towards reducing our environmental footprint!

As we’ve grown our distribution from local to international, we are thrilled to move to a roaster that allows us to increase our production capacity, while reducing our carbon footprint by over 350,000 pounds (or 160 tonnes).

This is the equivalent of taking 35 cars off the road, or planting 4,700 mature trees.

The installation is nearly complete and needless to say we just can’t wait for all the final inspections and calibrations to finish so that we can start roasting. It’s been a long time coming. Our production, roasting, and management team spent over a year making this decision. They researched, interviewed industry experts, cupped, and in January took a trip to Santa Rosa to run the roaster through its paces. After roasting and cupping the test coffees, it wasn’t long before the announcement was made among staff – it’s the Loring! It was then built in California, shipped up to Seattle where it was exhibited at 2014’s SCAA Expo, and finally arrived to our facility last week. At last!

It’s important to us to roast all our organic, Fairtrade coffees on a roaster that reflects what we stand for as Ethical Bean Coffee.

Now that’s just. better.

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