Decadence on Ice

Hot coffee in the cool of the morning still works. Don’t change anything. But in the afternoon what a busy person really needs is something to quench the thirst. Something fast, cool, crisp and flavourful.

We recommend Ethical Bean Coffee Exotic. It’s a medium roasted coffee that delivers the necessary clarity and nuance for iced coffee excellence.

Here’s how to make perfect at home iced coffee.

Use a filter brew method. The lack of sediment is essential to deliver dazzling iced coffee. No French Press or the like, please and thank-you.

Double your regular amount of coffee to water ratio. The goal? More intensity.

To your double strength coffee add an equal volume of ice. Done and done.

To finish, garnish with cream and a couple of pumps of vanilla syrup. Be hypnotized by the beautiful white tendrils of cream cascading through the coffee. The vanilla syrup puts things over the top and the flavours get all tapioca pudding kind of yummy.

Super fast. Super fantastic iced coffee. Enjoy!


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