Chemex – How to Brew

Armed with your favourite coffee geek tools, a few extra minutes, and some freshly ground Ethical Bean Coffee, you can reap the rewards of a beautifully crafted Chemex coffee.

What is a Chemex, you might ask?  

A Chemex is a manual, pour-over style coffee maker that makes an amazing cup of coffee and looks spectacular on your kitchen counter. Its filter method removes some of the sediment and oils common in other methods, resulting in a clean, crisp and unique taste to your cup.

Are you Chemex curious? Set aside about 10 minutes for your first Chemex brew. Once you’re practiced you should be able to brew in less than half that time!

Here are a few tips on how to brew like a pro:

1. Gather your supplies.

    • Chemex
    • Kone reusable filter
    • Filtered water (Brita filtered water works great)
    • Gooseneck kettle
    • Freshly roasted bag of Ethical Bean Coffee
    • Burr grinder
    • Weigh scale
    • Timer (if your scale does not have a built-in timer)

2. Weigh and grind your coffee. Use 45g of freshly ground medium grind coffee to 750ml of water. This makes 2 – 4 cups of coffee.

3. Boil your water. You water temperature should be between 195 – 202 degrees (or three minutes off a rolling boil)

4. Set your scale. While your water is boiling, set the Chemex with Kone filter on your scale, and set your scale to zero.

5. Prime your Kone Filter. Some people like to preheat their Kone filters with a quick rinse of hot water. If you’re not into that, just add your freshly ground coffee straight to your filter and set your scale to zero again.

6. The Pour Over. Start slowly and enjoy the process. This is where your showmanship comes in when impressing guests.

First Pour. Add about 50ml of your water to wet the grounds and allow it to bloom for about 30 seconds.

Second Pour. Slowly add half the remaining volume of your water, pouring it gently in a circular motion. Try not to agitate the grounds too much or allow the water to creep too high in the filter. Allow it to sit until the level in the Kone filter allows for the third pass, which should be about 1:30 mins into your brew.

Third Pour. Add the remaining hot water to your grounds. Shoot for a total brew time of 3:00 – 3:30 minutes.

7. Your patience is rewarded! Resist the temptation to shake or squeeze out your grounds. Once the water has drained from the filter, remove the filter, discard used coffee grounds, and set aside for cleaning. Remember, used coffee grounds are great for compost or as a nitrogen-rich mulch for green, leafy plants and vegetables.

Your reward? A fresh mug of delicious Ethical Bean Coffee in your favourite pre-heated coffee mug. Like all our coffees, a Chemex brew tastes better in good company.

Your Chemex is delicate so make sure to handle it carefully, whether you handwash it or put in the dishwasher!




2 Responses:
    • Aqilla Aziz

      Yes, The Chemex is a pourover, but the KONE filter is a bit different in that it lacks the complete filtration of “fines” that you get with a Melitta or paper filter. As such is gives a cup that is an unique hybrid of filter and french press; much of the clarity of the filter with just a touch of sediment and in turn presence of the french press.
      You also get the added benefit of no influence of the paper filter. The smaller, by the cup brews using a paper filter-even if pre-rinsed, often have a grace note of the filter in the cup. That is absent with the KONE.
      It works well and I’d encourage you to give it a try.

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