Travel Day


The short version is that Vancouver to La Paz Bolivia is 24 hours curb to curb. Three flights, two security checks and a commitment to never fly a red eye again.


My love for Vancouver’s airport grows with each visit and I have a special dark place in my heart for LAX and it’s ability to strip the veneer off my humanity without fail. The security check in Vancouver is a day spa in comparison. Shaken but not stirred and awaiting my 12:20 am departure. Here’s a shot of me collecting myself after the above mentioned security. The light application of chapstick is kicking in and starting to tingle-hence the knowing smile.


You’d think from the snap above that I was well I my way to a full recovery and that I’d be arriving in La Paz with all my effervesence intact. In reality I’m just gooned. The altitude, some 12 000ft hits you the second you exit the plane. I fancy myself a bit of a sportsman and there is nothing quite like the rarefied air here (and a sleepless 24hrs on a plane seat) to remind you that that was 20 years ago and you are now a weak old feeb. The vice on my head just got another quarter turn as well.

La Paz is beautiful and epic and the harvest light of the setting sun, contrasting with the growing blue shadows let’s me know that one night here will not be enough. It is charming in it’s hills and cobbles, conjuring grace notes of Europe…but I only just drove through for the last 30 minutes and had but an aperatif of what charms it has to behold.


Tomorrow is a 3:30am start with Caranavi in our sights.

Let’s do this!

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