Car accidents after drinking or distracting

In most Countries of the world it’s forbidden to drive while eating or drinking, no matter if you are drinking some water or wine.

The fact is that drinking represent a form of distraction which, as the New York Daily News suggests, is one of the main reasons to cause car accidents.

Recently, the American government banned cigarettes from car driving: from now on, car drivers can’t smoke in their car while driving anymore.

A high percentage

According to numerous survey on this subjects conducted for the American government, eating and drinking while driving are the 2nd cause for car accidents, after drug assumption and followed by messaging on the phone.

Nearly 80% of all car accidents in the US are generated by car drivers who are more focused on eating a sandwich and drinking a cup of coffee rather than focusing on the traffic jam.

Among the non alcoholic beverages that come into the problem, coffee is the top number one, followed by coke. Moreover, it seems that coffee can seriously affect drivers’ attitude. In fact, coffee stimulates the release of particular substances that come in touch with the brain.

Coffee: is it a real problem with car driving?

Of course, it’s not about the serious damages provoked by heroin or alcohol, but anyways coffee plays its role as distracting substance.

Now, most car drivers might wonder what the real problem is in a car accident. It’s not really what you are drinking – even though you must avoid drinking drugs / alcohol or beverages that can affect your mental lucidity – rather than the fact that the action of eating and drinking itself represents a distraction from the road.

While drinking / eating people tend to look at the sandwich or glass / cup they keep in their hands.

How to fix car accidents     Car scretches

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