Experience Your Coffee Like Never Before

In partnership with Holidays for Humanity, Ethical Bean Coffee is thrilled to offer you the chance to win a trip for two to Central America’s most beautiful coffee growing regions.

Enter now!

We want you to experience your coffee like never before. Through the choice of one of three vacations to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, or Panama, one lucky winner and a friend will explore the cultural and ecological diversity of Central America with a package vacation valued at over $3000.

We are so happy to partner with Canadian tourism company Holidays for Humanity for this giveaway, which has curated an incredible list of three vacation packages to choose from to explore where your coffee comes from. As a travel agency specializing in purpose-rich vacations for the conscious traveller, we couldn’t imagine a better company than Holidays for Humanity to offer our customers a trip that really encompasses our mission of being just. better. in everything that we do.

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and imagine: where would you want to be in a few short months? What would you want to do? Follow the link at the bottom of this page to have the chance to experience your coffee like never before.

Relax in Nicaragua

Aqua Wellness Resort is in a lush tropical forest overlooking the dramatic Pacific Coast of Nicaragua, making for a secluded and peaceful natural setting ideal for a relaxing beach holiday, yoga, meditation, and spa treatments that nourish the soul. Sleep soundly and greet each day with the natural sounds of the ocean waves and Pacific breezes, dine on locally sourced seafood temptation, and truly experience what life is supposed to be like.

Volunteer in Costa Rica

Volunteers at Turtle Trax in Cost Rica accompany the project team on nightly 3-hour beach patrols. One purpose of these beach walks is to encounter nesting sea turtles and record scientific data. This information is used to gain an understanding of sea turtle reproductive behavior, and improve our conservation strategies in the future. Another objective is to find seat turtle nests, collect the eggs, and move them to a rescue hatchery where they are protected from poaching.

Explore in Panama

Choose from the Canopy Tower in Sobernia National Park or Canopy Lodge in El Valle de Anton, Panama. Both resorts feature rooms and an observation deck mere feet from the canopy on the rainforest, virtually at eye-level with such avian treats as toucans, tanagers, honeycreepers, hawks, and sloths, as well as amazing looks at Geoffroy’s Tamarins and Mantled Howlers, two monkey species otherwise nearly impossible to see.

Relax. Volunteer. Explore. Your choice.

Enter now!

No purchase necessary. Runner-up prize is a one-year coffee supply from Ethical Bean Coffee.
Contest closes December 15th 2014.

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52 Responses to Experience Your Coffee Like Never Before

  1. Ken Cronmiller says:

    relax: my idea of a vacation!

  2. Janet Faveri says:

    Sure hope I’m eligible to win…and that I do!

  3. Natalie Ethier says:

    pick me! pick me! 🙂

    p.s. I miss you all!

  4. Kathie Howes says:

    Wow what a dream vacation- all of the three options!!! I’m a huge Ethical Bean fan and am always telling people about your beans. Love this contest! Thanks for doing what you do.

  5. Bonny Gibson says:

    All of these vacation trips sounds right up my alley! I’m an animal lover and have wanted to explore going on a trip that has purpose. Especially volunteering to protect sea turtles and their eggs.:)

  6. Angela B says:

    Ethical Bean Coffee…the ONLY way to drink coffee and they give their consumers a chance to win this kind of trip! AMAZING…thank you EBC

  7. Dianne Chow says:

    Wonderful prizes from a wonderful coffee company

  8. Tess McCann says:

    i would love to see Nicaragua!

  9. marylise lefevre says:

    Awesome coffee, awesome people 🙂

  10. kristin Ditzel says:

    sounds amazing!!!!

  11. Dinah Ceplis says:

    I like the fact that your decaf is dark roast!

  12. Would love to be imaginging that same cup coffee in Panama or Costa Rica, enjoying the morning breeze and the soft warmth of the morning sun in my skin! Thanks for the opporunity to win 🙂 New life experiences are always welcome!

  13. T Scaria says:

    the combination of Holidays for Humanity and Ethical bean for this promotion could not be more apt. May the deserving participant win

  14. Angela Dalziel says:

    Any of these trips would be amazing! I would love to return to Central America with my husband <3

  15. Karyn Christian says:

    I would be delighted to win one of these amazing trips!

  16. ronald peladeau says:

    Why not moi…..

  17. Kristen Ashton says:

    I would love the relax one but let’s be honest any of them would be amazing

  18. kely seitz says:

    would love to visit Central America

  19. Tanya F. says:

    Thank you Ethical Bean for the natural jolt of excitement. I would love to take my husband on this journey!

  20. Greg R. says:

    An experience of a lifetime and a journey worth exploring!

  21. shannon mwenda says:

    What a great opportunity!!

  22. Calandria Heppner says:

    I would love to win this!!! 🙂

  23. Jacqueline Bennett says:

    It is my DREAM to vacation in Nicaragua and this is the first time I have seen a contest with the prize being exactly that! Perfect 🙂

  24. ISOBEL SOPHIA says:

    great coffee and great picks for a holiday too

  25. Gerald Copeman says:

    I really enjoy my coffee!

  26. Phil Barrington says:

    I would love this holiday

  27. Jeff Fox says:

    Nothing like your morning coffee by the ocean.

  28. Tresa Barthel says:

    All three choices sound incredible!! It would be difficult to choose just one!!

  29. Sarah MacLeod says:

    Would love to see Costa Rica!

  30. STACEY says:

    These sound amazing!

  31. Hope Ryckman says:

    All 3 vacation spots sound wonderful! certainly on my bucket list! how cool it would be to do something for the planet & for the animals on it..the turtle patrol sounds so helpful & a learning experience, the yoga holiday so relaxing & decadent & the panama trip simply heavenly! Ethical Bean coffee company..you ROCK for all the GOOD you do to give back! Kudos to you from this customer for sure!! ;))

  32. Patti Ruby says:

    I’ve never been to either of these places and they all look amazing but Panama would be my first choice!

  33. Carole B says:

    I would love to take a trip in an exotic place!

  34. Lucie Masciangelo says:

    Pick me I need a vacay

  35. esther howard says:

    need a break

  36. Andrew Kirk says:

    sounds like a lot of fun

  37. robert pape says:

    Hope to win

  38. Paul Hess says:

    I would stand by and guarantee baby turtles safe passage to the Sea, putting myself between the predators and the baby turtles.

    • Aqilla Aziz says:

      We love this comment 🙂 Good luck in the contest Paul, the sea turtle conservation effort could use your enthusiasm.

  39. Clare Ellison says:

    Any of the three options would be fantastic, but I would especially like to visit Panama I think. 🙂 Hope I win!

  40. Shane Poirier says:

    Please send me on a Nicaragua coffee trip!

  41. Laurie Adams says:

    Aqua Wellness Resort sounds amazing!

  42. Taralee Weckert says:

    Thank you for the opportunity. I would love to explore Panama and see where Ethical Bean coffee comes from 🙂

  43. would love to win this! Thanks

  44. Donald says:

    tropical paradise

  45. Phil Barrington says:

    I would love to win this

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