Thank You!

Every December we donate a portion of our proceeds to Child Aid’s Kids to School Program, and to Project Somos Children’s Village. These two Guatemalan charities are very near and dear to Ethical Bean’s owners and staff, and we are committed to providing funds for them every year.

In 2013, Child Aid distributed over 100,000 Spanish language books donated by book distributors International Book Bank and the International Book Project. With the help of these wonderful organizations, this year they are on track to repeat that level of success. With the help of contributors like you, Child Aid continues to expand the reach of their programs to more teachers, children, and communities.

“Guatemala has the lowest literacy rate in all of Latin America. 75% of indigenous
women cannot read or write.”

For Project Somos, 2014 was the most exciting year to date! The original mandate of Project Somos was to create a home for orphaned or abandoned children, but seeing a dire need in their community, a major decision was made to also accept widowed and single women and their children to shelter them, teach them a skill and provide a safe, caring environment for them to get back on their feet and prevent them from losing their children to institutional care, illness and preventable death.

The Children’s Village is not yet finished – there are still five more family homes to construct so that they can serve many more families. The voluntourism program continues to grow and each year Project Somos welcomes up to 100 volunteers who come to Guatemala to live and work on-site at Project Somos helping build, garden and offer programming to the children.

To learn more about Project Somos and Child-Aid, please visit their websites.

On behalf of Project Somos and Child-Aid, we would like to thank you for your support this year. Without your coffee purchases, we wouldn’t be able to help these two amazing charities.

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