Join in and win during Fairtrade Month 2015!

Okay, so you know about Fairtrade. You look for the mark when you’re purchasing your coffee or chocolate, or even your spices or sugar, and know that a farmer on the other side of the world is being paid a fair price and is working under decent and fair conditions. You do this all year, uncelebrated and unrecognized. But now it’s Fairtrade Month, and it’s time to say THANK YOU for your support of fair trade!

Throughout May, advocates and companies across Canada and the world are coming together celebrate and educate about all things fair trade. There are contests to enter, prizes to be won, and giveaways galore to show off the breadth of Fairtrade products now available, and to celebrate. Here are a handful of ways that you can participate in Fairtrade Month from right where you are:

1. Get free (and fair) stuff!

Follow Fairtrade Canada and Fairtrade America and learn about all sorts of chances to win great Fairtrade certified products that you love, or try new products that you may not have before. Follow on social media to learn about on-going opportunities, and stay close to Ethical Bean to learn about your chances for Fairtrade caffeination. You deserve it!

2. Join the Thunderclap and Twitter Chat

Fairtrade America is hosting TWO online-buzz worthy events this week: a Thunderclap of shareable images for your Twitter or Facebook, and are hosting a Twitter chat with the hashtag #FairtradeChat on Tuesday, May 12th from 2-3pm UTC. Join in!

3. Have your say for Canada’s Favourite Fairtrade Product

Every May, Fairtrade Canada hosts the country’s friendliest (and most cutthroat!) competition, pitting Fairtrade business against Fairtrade business for the priceless chance to win. There’s no time to sugar coat it: we need your vote! Take 25 seconds to visit our voting page and make Ethical Bean Coffee Canada’s Favourite Fairtrade Product! (Your email will not be shared)

4. Share your #FairtradeFind for chances to win prizes

The next time you’re out try to spot the Fairtrade Mark. When you find one, tag a picture and share on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook tagging @FairtradeMarkUS with the hashtag #FairtradeFind and be entered to win some great Fairtrade gift packs.

5. Reach out to a local Fairtrade advocacy organization

If you have questions or are curious where you might find Fairtrade near you? Fairtrade Canada and Fairtrade American can help, but nearly every major city in Canada and a whole bunch in the US have local organizations of volunteers looking to help you along the way. Get googling and don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions.

6. Celebrate World Fair Trade Day on Saturday May 9th

This Saturday marks the global day of celebrating Fairtrade and will provide new and fun ways to learn more and get involved. If you’re in Vancouver, visit Choices Markets in Yaletown to join in their celebrations, and check out the World Fair Trade Day site to see about events happening in your corner of Canada.

7. Vote with your dollar this month and every day of the year

Remember that 365 days a year you have the power to vote with your dollar and support organizations that are not motivated by greed or self-interest, but work to provide great products without compromising people or our planet. Look for Fairtrade companies, local companies, B Corporations, and keep asking questions!

Of course this month we couldn’t help but extend a bit of a deal for those looking to enjoy some delicious Fairtrade treats.

All Canadian shoppers can take 20% off online purchases on our online store until May 31st! 


Happy Fair Trade Month!

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