Why Ethical Bean is working to B The Change in June… and all the other months too

When co-founders Lloyd and Kim decided to name their organic and fairtrade coffee roaster Ethical Bean they set themselves up to run a company that meant more than just getting coffee bags on to grocery store shelves. That first year in 2003, dozens of pounds of coffee were donated to local community events, staff was sent out around Vancouver to caffeinate the masses, and the first donation cheque was pulled together from partial proceeds of sales to send to Child Aid, an organization in Guatemala providing the tools and resources to get kids reading and going to school.

Twelve years later our bags may look a bit different, and the number of grocery store shelves you can find those bags on has grown, but the grounding element of Ethical Bean Coffee to roast spectacular coffee while giving back locally and globally, remains unchanged. If you follow our social media or have seen our monthly community donation blogs you can see some of the amazing organizations working around Vancouver and across North America. The thing is, no matter how much coffee we can provide, it always feels as though there’s more to do!

In the month of June Ethical Bean stands shoulder to shoulder with fellow B Corporations, amazing not-for-profits, and community driven organizers and volunteers who work to improve the neighbourhood and world we live in day after day. We are so happy to contribute the little bits that we do, but know that the real heavy lifting is done by the incredible, tireless, smiling, warm, and giving individuals who contribute to making our communities that little bit better in whatever way they can.


(And please do check out our monthly community events blogs to see just a snippet of some of the amazing events happening in and around Vancouver. It’s really incredible!)

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