Show us your camping coffee style and win!

As the final days of summer are upon us and we feel the days slowly getting shorter it’s time to get outside and catch those last rays of sun. Whether your kayaking around Bowen or hiking in the Andes, we know you’ll be bringing along your favourite camp coffee gear and a bag or two of Ethical Bean. What are your tools of choice? The range is broad – a simple kettle and drip to a meticulous hand-grinder and bodum. We want to see it all.

Grab your phone, point-and-shoot, or SLR and channel that inner photographer to profile how you #campwithEB to enter to win five bags of your favourite Ethical Bean varieties. Tag your shot of coffee in the great outdoors with the hashtag #campwithEB before September 10th to enter, and we’ll do our best to get you your prize before the final long weekend of the summer.

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