Thank you from Child Aid, Project Somos, and Ethical Bean Coffee

If not for a trip to Guatemala by co-founders Lloyd and Kim in the late 90’s to adopt their daughter, Ethical Bean Coffee may have never been. Inspired and impacted by their trip, seeing first-hand the reality of coffee production, they returned with the idea to start an ethical company that would make a positive contribution to countries around the world. Of course buying 100% Fairtrade and Organic coffee is a big part of that, there are also some incredible charities operating on the ground making a difference in local communities. Even after the first year of sales Ethical Bean made a contribution proportional to sales, and with each year of growth the number on the cheque has grown with it. It’s a great way to feel good about drinking coffee around the holidays, and all year ‘round.

Every December, Ethical Bean Coffee draws attention to two particular charities in Guatemala that are near and dear to our hearts: Child Aid’s Kids to School Program and to Project Somos’ Children’s Village. Partial proceeds of sales year round are given to these two charities, and we’re thrilled to report two more successful years from both.

Should you or your loved ones be interested in giving charitable gifts this holiday season, please consider these two below. We certainly think they’re pretty special!



Child-Aid works to improve children’s lives by helping them learn to read, succeed in school, and develop the literacy skills they need to improve their lives. They focus on rural villages where illiteracy is disproportionately affecting indigenous people, and train hundred of teachers and librarians to bring reading programs to children in over 50 villages.

This year, book collections were growing and so were the number of schools where Child Aid is working. Two recent district-wide expansions of our programs – throughout the districts of San Antonio Palopó and San Andrés Semetabaj – have added 27 new schools.

The number of books received during the year was close to 70,000; that’s $1,222,578 worth of books!

We are also proud to say that The University of Idaho presented their “Distinction in International Service Award” to Child Aid in April of 2015.

To learn more about Child Aid, visit

Project Somos

IMG_0998Project Somos Children’s Village offers a stable, caring environment and the conditions and encouragement for women and children to heal from trauma and start their lives over again.

There are currently two completed three-family homes, with room for up to three families in each with plans to build five more.

The Village also includes a beautiful Community Hall, an organic farm, dorm rooms for volunteers, a staff building, a preschool, a soccer field, and a vibrant playground.

The large Community Hall is used for gatherings for the mothers and children, as well as for our volunteer groups, and is rented out for events as a social enterprise to support the Village.

The family homes, Community Hall and staff housing were designed by Guatemalan architect Cecilia Rodriguez to have an inherent beauty and harmony, with beautiful colors and with attractive design touches – something which we believe is essential to healing.

To learn more about Project Somos visit

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