Announcing New 100% Compostable Single-Serve Pods

Ethical Bean Compostable Coffee Pods/ K Cups

The rumors are true. Convenience meets sustainability and taste with Ethical Bean’s new 100% compostable pods. Made from coffee bean chaff and other renewable materials, the innovative pod can be thrown directly into your green bin and will completely break down in a municipal composter in less than 84 days.

Finally, there’s a better choice.

It is estimated that 10 billion single serve plastic coffee pods are thrown into North American landfills every year, an issue that has reached an environmental tipping point globally.

We’re really excited about the PurPod100 technology and proud to be offering a fair trade and organic certified compostable coffee pod offering.

Available in our Superdark, Lush, and Classic Roasts, you can purchase the pods if you live in the US on Amazon. They will be available in Canada and select retailers soon.

To learn more about the pods, visit the FAQ section on our website.

To read the full press release, click here.

3 Responses to Announcing New 100% Compostable Single-Serve Pods

  1. You should link the Amazon store into your buy online main navigation on your website. I had to dig pretty deep to find out how to buy the coffee pods online!

  2. Kai Roos says:

    Dear sirs
    I just recently purchased your new pods because we love your Lush coffee and because it is organic. The issue I have is that now where on the pods box does it reassure me that the coffee inside is 100% organic. Maybe the assumption is that if the pods themselves are 100% organic that it follows that the coffee would be as well. Just wanted to clairify. Thanks for a great product and a ‘ethical’ company outlook.

    • Aqilla Aziz says:

      Hello Kai,

      Thanks for being such a big fan 🙂
      The 100% organic certification on the box refers to the coffee inside the pods (we ONLY roast 100% organic and Fairtrade coffees) and the 100% compostable refers to the pod casing itself.

      I hope that answered your question.

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