October 2016 Community Events

The fall breezes are blowing the long, hot summer days away and bringing with them a bright, fresh season with plenty of events for us all to enjoy and get involved in.

Saturday, Oct 1st
Water’s Edge Day – Georgia Strait Alliance – Enjoy some Ethical Bean coffee at Water’s Edge Day, a free community event at the Vancouver Maritime Museum designed to incorporate family fun while also learning about the history, ecology, and culture that makes our waterfront so special. It will include water activities, food trucks, interactive exhibits and live music. The goal is to bring together a common vision that will restore, protect and revitalize the waterfront in the city of Vancouver. Water’s Edge Day is an opportunity for people to explore our waterfront and experience all the different ways we interact with it in the city.
We work to protect and enhance Vancouver’s waterfront through cross sector collaboration, integrated planning, and targeted action.
Vancouver’s waterfront is a special place where land, city, water and people have come together for thousands of years. However, increasing pressures from urbanization, pollution, population and industrial growth, as well as intensifying conflicts over land use are putting our shoreline at risk.
We believe that integrated planning is essential to address the social, economic and ecological threats to the shoreline. This is why in 2013 GSA launched the Waterfront Initiative to collaborate across sectors to build a shared vision and take action together to ensure a diverse, thriving, and resilient waterfront for all.
Website: georgiastrait.org
Twitter: @GeorgiaStraitBC
Facebook: georgiastrait.org

Monday, Oct 10th
Turkey Trot Run – Turkey Trot Run – The Vancouver International Marathon Society, the non-profit organization responsible for the BMO Vancouver Marathon, and the Granville Island Turkey Trot and Fall Classic, where Ethical Bean coffee being served to fuel the runners and bystanders. Their vision and mission focuses on promoting and growing the sport of running, engaging communities in the celebration of sport, and showcasing our world-class city.
Website: turkeytrotrun.ca
Twitter: @runvancanada #runvan
Facebook: @BMOVanMarathon

Thursday, Oct 13th
The Society To End Homelessness In Burnaby – Burnaby Homeless Connect 2016 – Formerly: the Burnaby Task Force On Homelessness – Working together to end homelessness in Burnaby. Ethical Bean Coffee will be served at the Burnaby Homeless Connect 2016, where people who are living in extreme poverty and homelessness will have an opportunity to receive food, donated clothing and personal hygiene items, and will have access to crucial medical and professional services. (i.e. dentist, nurse practitioner, flu shots, chair massage)
Website: burnabyhomeless.org
Twitter: @burnabyhomeless
Facebook: burnabyhomeless

Thursday, Oct 13th
TB Vets Annual Respiratory Grants Awards & 90th Anniversary Commemoration – BC Regiment Armoury, 620 Beatty Street Vancouver – Sponsor Life Saving Respiratory Equipment For British Columbians of All Ages. On October 13th 2016, TB Vets Charitable Foundation will host the annual grant awards and fundraising reception at the historic Beatty Street Armoury in Vancouver. Over HALF A MILLION dollars in grants will be awarded to BC Hospitals and First Responders, including North Shore Rescue. This year’s event commemorates the 90th Anniversary of Tuberculous Veterans’ Section (TVS) of the Canadian Legion, Branch #44. Bid generously on the Ethical Bean Coffee gift basket in the silent auction and support a great cause.
Website: tbvets.org
Twitter: @TBVets
Facebook: tbvets

Friday, Oct 14th
Be Their Difference – BHN Indian Children’s Development Society – The purposes of the society are to relieve poverty and advance education in Varanasi, India, by developing and supporting initiatives and activities that provide free food, clothing, shelter, education, and health care for children and families living in poverty. Gift baskets and 3-pack gift packs from Ethical Bean Coffee are among the items being actioned off to raise funds.
Website: basichumanneeds.org
Facebook: basichumanneeds

Saturday, Oct 14-16th
Vancouver Art Book Fair
– Vancouver Art Book Fair – Free and open to the public, the Vancouver Art/Book Fair is a multi-day festival of artists’ publishing featuring a diverse line-up of exhibitors, talks and artist’s projects (and, of course, Ethical Bean Coffee for everyone to enjoy). Featured artists travel to Vancouver from across Canada and the globe, and produce everything from books, magazines, zines and printed ephemera to digital, performative or other experimental forms of publication.
Website: vancouverartbookfair
Twitter: @VanArtBookFair
Facebook: vancouverartbookfair

Friday, Oct 21st
Learning Disabilities Career Conference – Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver – Founded this year as the first of its kind in the world, and Ethical Bean coffee is proud to be being served during the Learning Disabilities Career Conference, a free one-day event for high school students with learning disabilities. It features a keynote speaker, workshops, and a career discovery session. We encourage each attendee to be accompanied with a friend or family member throughout the day.
The keynote speaker will share an uplifting story on how someone they worked with managed to attain and maintain a job; despite having disabilities. This 15-minute presentation sets an inspiring tone for the rest of the day, and makes participants excited for what’s to come.
Attendees then choose two out of a number of workshops that cover skills required to succeed in the job market. Each 45-minute workshop has an intimate setting to allow for maximum immersion. We hope that the skills learned will remain useful for years to come.
The career discovery session allows students to interact with a multitude of professionals. After a brief introduction, they will spread out with name tags that indicate their job. Students freely approach who they are interested in getting to know. This serves as a stress-free environment to practice the attendees’ networking skills.
Website: ldcareerconference.com
Facebook: ldcareerconference

Monday, Oct 24th
PRR race seminar
– PRR race seminar – PRR is a recreational running club that organizes the annual First Half Half-Marathon to give back to the running community. The race raises money each year for a number of charities, the largest of which is Variety – The Children’s Charity.
Website: pacificroadrunners.ca
Twitter: @PacificRoadRun
Facebook: @pacificroadrunners

Wednesdsay, Oct 26th
GradusTalks: Passion Vs. Purpose – GradusOne – GradusOne is a non-profit organization based in Vancouver that helps students and recent graduates discover their options and focus their career by providing personalized resources, diverse connections and engaging events.
GradusTalks Passion vs. Purpose will be focused on what passion and purpose is, how the two are different and how they are connected. Panelists in attendance are working professionals from various industry in Metro Vancouver, who will share their personal career stories, challenges, making value-based career choices and how they discovered their passion and purpose.
Website: gradusone.com
Twitter: @GradusOne
Facebook: gradusone

Friday, Oct 28th
Wake n Shake
– When’s the last time you experienced pure joy? That’s what we’re here for. To kick start your day, and recharge your morning routine. From our experience, nothing beats a room full of beautiful sweaty humans throwing down on the dance floor before heading to the office. Nevermind the radiating energy and epic stories you’re able to share with your colleagues. May we dare say it could even lead to a promotion – of human spirit of course. Come dance with us.
Website: wewakenshake.com
Facebook: wewakenshake

Friday, Oct 28th
Chasing Sustainability Conference – Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS) Sustainability – The Chasing Sustainability Conference is the annual flagship event for CUS Sustainability. This event is hosted in cooperation with UBC MBA Society’s nonprofit association, Net Impact. The conference is a full day event packed with interactive workshops, networking sessions and discussions. By collaborating with Net Impact, we hope to connect Sauder undergraduate and MBA students with Vancouver’s top business leaders in order to engage in discussion of business and sustainability.
Our chosen theme for this year’s conference is Futuristic and Shared Value. At Chasing Sustainability, we want to show that the impact of sustainability is not merely on the environment, but also our community, relationships and businesses. Through the concept of creating shared value, we aim to show that sustainability is a long term goal.
Website: sustainability.cus.ca
Facebook: CUSSustainability


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