Windprojekt in Nicaragua

Carbon Neutral

Ethical Bean has been Carbon Neutral since 2007 and in 2010, partnered with Climate Smart to further track and measure our greenhouse gas emissions.

A key sustainability investment for us was the purchase of an energy-efficient Loring Smart Roaster. In 2015, with the new roaster in place, we roasted 11% more coffee than in 2014 while reducing natural gas usage by 70%. That is equivalent to planting 942 pine trees, taking 30 cars off the road for a year, or heating 65 BC households for a year.

We’ve implemented many other initiatives over the years to reduce consumption and resources where possible, and purchase the equivalent amount of renewable natural gas from Bullfrog Power, to match the energy usage of our roasting facility, head office, and café.

After completing our 2014/ 2015 green house gas inventory, we had a mere 6.88 tonnes of CO2 emissions remaining. To address those emissions, mainly from staff travel, we purchased the equivalent amount of carbon offsets from Atmosfair, an international organization with projects based throughout the world.

Our credit dollars were applied to a wind power project in Nicaragua – a country’s project we were excited to support as we source many of our beans from there.

The wind project is Gold Standard Certified, an offset standard which is widely considered to be the highest in the world for carbon offsets, as stated by the David Suzuki Foundation. It ensures that key environmental criteria have been met by offset projects that carry its label.

The Amayo Wind Power Project has reduced Nicaragua’s dependency on oil imports for electricity production; supported job creation in the construction, maintenance and operation of the wind farm, and is a pilot project for future wind power projects in Nicaragua. Click here to learn more about the project.