Coffee Bag Return Program

As many of you know, we’re constantly searching for an environmentally friendly bag option for our coffee beans. Our greatest concern is ensuring you get the freshest, best possible coffee experience from your bag of Ethical Bean Coffee. The downside of this is that we need to use foil-lined bags to ensure that happens.

We choose to use foil-lined bags over recyclable containers as the overall emissions are much lower when looking at the whole packaging life-cycle. Production, energy use, transportation, and end of life disposal are all important aspects considered.  

At the end of the day, a flexible pouch, such as our coffee bag, generates 75% less emissions than a plastic recyclable container. Just think of the fewer trucks that need to be on the road to transport flat pouches vs. containers filled with air.

While we continue to look for a packaging solution with a more environmentally friendly end-of-life, we’re offering a bag take-pack program. A percentage of our returned bags are upcycled into tote bags, some are donated to schools as arts and crafts materials, and the rest are dropped off through Recycle BC’s new flexible plastic packaging pilot project. To learn more about the program that launched June 2018, read our blog post here. We’re excited that BC has taken on recycling research for this popular type of packaging. 

For every 12 empty bags* of Ethical Bean Coffee you return to us, we’ll give you a free bag of coffee in return**.

Pop them in the mail with your name, shipping, and email address, and we’ll send you a free coupon to redeem at your local grocer. If you drop them off at our Kootenay Street, Vancouver office and cafe we’ll give you your coffee right away.

Do you have a suggestion for environmentally friendly coffee packaging? How about an idea for upcycling our used bags? Please let us know in the comments below. We love hearing our customer’s ideas. You’re a smart bunch, don’t you know?


*Including the bags from our pod boxes.
** The free bag incentive applies to our retail shoppers only, not wholesale accounts.

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