Food Service

With a name like Ethical Bean, we’ve got some pretty big shoes to fill. Every day, we set out to make the best tasting coffee—bar none—while making sure that our coffee producing partners are fairly treated too.

In fact, every aspect of our business has been carefully considered:

Quality: Canada’s first Q-Grader Coffee Buyer, an industry gold-standard
Taste: Cupping daily for quality and consistency
Fair labour: Fairtrade Certified means farmers are guaranteed a better living
Organic: fully Certified Organic coffee, Certified Organic facility
Sustainable: we’re carbon neutral, purchase green energy, have built an energy and water-efficient facility and have an extensive recycling program in place
Transparent: we’re providing customers with a new level of detail in everything we do with through our website and our new iPhone app.

Sure, we’re making big claims. That’s because at the end of the day, we’re walking the walk. When you serve Ethical Bean Coffee, we provide you with:

• coffee roasted to order

• barista training

• recipe development

• complete transparency regarding coffee supply

• your own unique QR Code (our emark technology) to help customers learn more
• about the coffee you’re serving through our Ethical Bean iPhone app.

• promotion of your location and events through our social media channels

• graphic design support

If you’d like to serve Ethical Bean Coffee at your restaurant or cafe, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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