A Quality Cup

The exceptionally delicious coffee in our bags is the product of innumerable decisions large and small. What to buy, how much to buy, which lot gets the nod, and just where is the best coffee from Peru right now? A behind the scenes cacophony of tinkering, tweaking and above all, tasting, tasting, tasting.

Tackled with ritualistic fervor, our team delivers bag after bag of seasonally-sensitive coffee from around the globe, expressively roasted and immediately packed into our new bags…where time stands still. The coffee waits to exhale, only when you say so.

Our newest bag features will keep you in the freshest beans for the moment you open the bag, drink in that sweet aroma, build your brew… and savour.

• one-way valves that keep beans fresh
• new zip-lock top to maintain freshness
• smaller bag sizes ensure you’ll always have our freshest beans on hand
• full access to farming, roasting and cupping details using our new iPhone app

At the end of the day, our goal is to make the best coffee you can imagine. Then again, that’s our goal at the start of the day too.