Ethical Bean Fairtrade Coffee Roasters


Roasting, at its simplest, is to develop the coffee with a constantly increasing temperature. Brought up too quickly, the coffee will scorch and acquire off-flavours from uneven development. Brought up too slowly, the coffee will bake and simplify, turning a vivacious cup into a wallflower.

Our instrument of choice is a 70kg Loring Peregrine Smart Air Roaster. This roaster allows us to increase production capacity and reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 80%.

It takes 14 to 16 minutes for the magic to happen with each batch we roast. That magic involves tweaking the fuel and feathering the airflow to juggle radiant, conductive and convective heat. Achieving a balance is a subtle tight rope act of looking for and finding “just right.”

Successfully executed you’ll taste a cup with clarity, vivid flavours and a sugary sweet palate. A little bit of us and a lot of what happened on the farm.


Green Coffee Selection

Roasting coffee begins with the selection of green coffee. We use importers exclusively in this process for the incomparable breadth of selection, impeccable logistics and the insurance that we get what we pay for. If the coffee contracted isn’t right, we don’t buy it and we don’t take delivery.  It ensures that the absolute best stuff is in our bags. No exceptions.

What we look for in our green coffee selection is for fundamentally sound coffees that deliver a clean, consistent and sweet cup that will fit the profile and purpose we’ve destined them for. We buy the best damn coffee with can we can find, dancing the slow dance between perfection and necessity.


The Secret to Roasting Coffee

A quick primer on green coffee selection is relevant with respect to roasting in that it brings us to the crux of roasting coffee. Are you ready?  Now this is an important and rarely shared. The secret to roasting coffee is — to start with great green coffee.

That’s it, that’s the most important thing.

The second is to bring humility to the roasting process and look to influence the coffee with a light touch that develops and presents a coffee with as much of the integrity that the coffee arrived at the roastery with.

A standing ovation for the farmers would not be out of place at this point. We’re nowhere without them — their critical care, attention in nurturing and ability to deliver the amazing coffee that we roast.

Ultimately, all the hand wringing seriousness and reflective consideration the roasting process entails serves no other purpose than to be of service to the end goal; the delivering of a taste experience in your cup that although hard to express, equals something as profound as NUMMY and leaves you simply thinking “What a great cup of coffee.”